United in The 912 Project


In our struggle to maintain Freedom,we are battling on many different fronts.  We protest our Elected Officials at their offices and government centers, hold Tea Parties and other rallies, contact our Elected Officials and voice our concerns, write and call in to the media and express our opinions, finally, we become internet savvy.

 The INTERNET is a world unto itself, wherein you can:

  • Send letters and communicate using EMAIL and not have to pay postage.
  • Educate yourself by surfing the INTERNET, which includes newspapers, magazines, media outlets, Universities, Government Offices, Libraries, and so much more.
  • Connect to social networks using services such as TWITTER, FACEBOOK, YOUTUBE and MYSPACE
  • Express yourself and become a journalist by creating your own website or  BLOG
  • Buy & sell merchandise and services
  • Find information on almost anything or find the actual item
  • So Much More!!!!!

You get the idea?


OK - If you don't know how to "Surf the Net", learn.  Surfing or Searching the Internet is fairly easy.  Your internet provider offers you various "Search Engines"  By using "Key Words" typed into the search engine you will find pages and pages of information returned to you.  If you are looking for fellow Cat Lovers in Beaufort, South Carolina, you would for example type in the words: Cat Lover, Beaufort, SC

Remember to try different combination's of words and you will find different results, such as: Cat Clubs, Cat Owners, Beaufort, South Carolina

Also, don't stay with only one search engine, try several, such as BING, GOOGLE, YAHOO, ALTA VISTA or any other you feel comfortable with.  There are thousands of them out there, so experiment and explore.


Join several Social Networks, such as TWITTER, FACEBOOK and YOUTUBE.  When you do, you look for people who share your beliefs, such as other Tea Party people.  As you become more Internet knowledgeable you will find your network growing and meeting more people across the country and given more information on issues that are central to the Tea Party movement.

These Social Networks have tutorials that help you get started and as you learn other members always are willing to help you along.  So go ahead JUMP IN!

You can find me on TWITTER as Beaufort_TParty and on YOUTUBE as BeaufortTeaParty



No, you don't need a computer geek if you can't afford one.  This web site was built for FREE, by little old me!  Many web site hosting companies offer FREE web hosting or charge minor fees to host your site.  They offer easy to learn web page building tools.  This site was built using

Many internet providers offer you for FREE to host your site, such as MSN, YAHOO and AOL, check with your provider.

BLOGS are like web sites, where you can post anything you desire and are easier to use than building an entire web site.  Many Internet Journalists use BLOGS to post their opinion pieces and news items, such as Michelle Malkin  & Karl Rove (who both also use TWITTER & FACEBOOK), Drudge Report, Huffington Post and many other main stream media hot shots.  I maintain my own blog here:



Surf and find your elected officials, current and pending legislation, news items, opinion pieces on current issues, research facts and EDUCATE yourself on what matters most to you and this country.  As we go into battle, we must be armed with the latest facts and know who stands where on the issues.

As you become more comfortable with computers and the internet, you will find yourself more active in the fight to defend America from having the Constitution being torn asunder.


If you have any questions, please don't be afraid to ask someone or email me and I will try to point you in the right direction.  EMail: