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Monthly Meeting Update


Meeting - Monday, January 20th, 5:30-7:30pm

** Seating will be limited, so come early & bring family & friends **


Guest Speakers:

When: January 20th
Time: 5:30-7:30pm
Place: Fuji's Restaurant, across from the Shell Station
Cindy Risher - SC GOP 1st Vice Chairman
Leon Winn - SC GOP 2nd Vice Chairman

Topics to include the upcoming 2020 Elections

and reclaiming SC District #1


What we can do for a win!


Click here for the SC Policy Council "Project Road Repair:






We had 11 people at tonight's screening.

Everyone loved the movie and they said they were going to buy  the movie off the site and screen it with friends and family at their home.  It was hosted at Fuji's Restaurant, Lady's Island, SC, owned by Katz Fujimo.  Katz is standing next to the flag, I am in the center holding the DVD.

To a person, they were pleasantly surprised at the high quality of an independent film maker. Our only glitch was getting the correct equipment to play it on, and the AV guy came down with a bad case of the flu this morning.  I ending up disconnecting my DVD player and bedroom TV and got it set up just in time.

For those who are unfamiliar with this tragedy of America's worst serial killer, you can find the trailer here:

The Cast includes:
  • Dean Cain as Detective James Wood
  • Janine Turner as Dr. North
  • Sarah Jane Morris as Assistant District Attorney Lexy McGuire
  • Michael Beach as District Attorney Dan Molinari
  • Nick Searcy as Gosnell defense attorney Mike Cohan
  • Earl Billings as Kermit Gosnell
  • Cyrina Fiallo as Molly Mullaney
  • Alfonzo Rachel as Detective Stark
  • Dominique Deon as Betty Goodwin


John Solomon reveals the documents that give the full story about the Biden / Soros / Clinton / Obama scandal involving President of Ukraine and Burisma

View the documents here:


The Latest!

*Lady's Island Corridor Study - Full Plan **

This is the full 32 Page Survey


Lady's Island Traffic Plan - PDF Format

Lady's Island Traffic Plan - WORD Document


To make your voice heard on the Survey and  Traffic Plan, email the Beaufort County Engineer, Rob McFee using  the Beaufort County Contact Form.

In the subject line enter: Engineering - Attention Rob McFee

The contact form link is here:  BCGOV.NET



School Safety Ideas

School Safety Ideas
The following websites offer passive alternatives to neutralizing the threats of an active shooter or other threats presented on campus:

Crotega provides a remotely deployed threat suppression system that drenches the perpetrator with a repulsive solution, impairing their ability to enact violence. Threat suppression is the next step in life safety and interior building security.

Executive Wood Products, a 36-year wood products manufacturing company, formed the Protection Division immediately following 9/11. After five years of Research and Development the company began selling Anti-Ballistic products to the United States Government, churches, and private business.

The Executive Wood Products position is not self-serving, the Tactical Scholar™ is priced well below market value and the company offers free White-Glove™ delivery to ensure schools can quickly buy and install what they need.

Video of their panels in use!  Watch Here

While New Baptist Church is a private school they have a more aggressive approach to school safety.  Just as we train our children in Fire Drills, we need "Active Shooter Drills and Training.".  See the video of this small school and how we can adopt some of their tactics in combination with the above ideas.

We Need You To Act Now!

In the May 2017 meeting, we discussed
The National Popular Vote Movement.

Here is the information.
This Is No Joke!
Actual Legislation To Subvert The Constitution & Steal Your Vote!

Click on the below links & watch the YouTube Video.

Don't stop there!  Pass this to as many people
as possible, then contact your state Representatives & Senators.
Reach out to people you know out-of-state and pass this information on to them!

They are only 5 states away from making this happen.
They will dictate for whom the Electoral College Delegates MUST vote for in the Presidential Elections.

Red State, Blue State or Split State Delegates MUST Vote only ONE WAY, The Progressive's Way!

We will NEVER see another Republican President again, if they succeed!

This BLEW my mind!  This is HUGE!!! We got to fight this!
National Popular Vote Compact.

This movement is tied directly to Barack Obama and George Soros.  They want to bypass the U.S. Constitution, destroy the Electoral College and go by "The Popular Vote".

Think about that!  By passing these "Compacts" through State Legislation and going by "The Popular Vote"

HILLARY CLINTON would be our President!

The handful of states, like California, New York and New Jersey, would control and dictate the Presidential Elections.

If they can do that, what is next?

A THIRD TERM for Barack Obama?

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Republican Party - NO MORE RINO's!


Recently, the Beaufort GOP has undergone a restructuring with new leadership in place.  Their web site which was not updated has a new look and better information and news access.

I encourage you to visit the page.

Beaufort County has over 90 Republican Precincts and less than half of them have the leadership seated.  If we are to help exercise our TEA Party values, I highly suggest if you live and vote in one of the empty precincts you volunteer to take the open positions.  Open positions are for the Precinct President, who organizes the precinct and schedules and presides over the meetings, and the Executive Committee-person, who votes on policy issues and attends all County meetings.  ** These are two important positions, especially of the Executive Committee-person, who actively shapes policies in the County GOP. ***

If you are unsure what precinct you vote in, go to and check your registration. 

Open Precincts are:

  • Beaufort 1 
  • Burton 1B
  • Burton 1C
  • Burton 1D
  • Burton2A
  • Burton2B
  • Burton 3
  • Dale/Lobeco
  • Lady's Island 1A
  • Lady's Island 2C
  • Lady's Island 2B
  • Lady's Island 3B
  • Lady's Island3C
  • Port Royal 1
  • Port Royal 2
  • St. Helena's 1A
  • St. Helena's 2A
  • St. Helena's 2C
  • Seabrook 2
  • Seabrook 3
  • Sheldon 1
  • Sheldon 2


Write!  Make Your Voice Count!  Write Often!

Write To Congress and The White House.

Stop the Nightmare!

Write The White House

 Call, Fax, Write, Email  Speak Up!
If you can - Picket the Congressional Office Nearest You!

What Can You Do?

Get Educated

Read some of the following books

  • Mark Levin, "Liberty and Tyranny"
  • Jonah Goldberg, "Liberal Fascism"
  • Ronald J. Pestritto, "Woodrow Wilson"
  • Amity Shlaes, "The Forgotten Man"
  • Neal Boortz, "The FairTax Book"
  • Robert Gellately, "Lenin, Stalin and Hilter"
  • Murray Silver, "Daddy King And Me"
  • Ayn Rand, "Atlas Shrugged"

 Invest Financially In Your Freedom

In the same way we budget for groceries, bills, etc. we now need to budget financially to support political action organizations who are looking out for us, as well as political candidates that espouse our core values.


Use T-shirts, baseball caps, bumper stickers and any other creative display to get your statement across.  Use a powerful message that anyone can read.  Exercise your First Amendment Right to Free Speech. (But please, keep it nice and clean!)

Get Connected

Visit websites that promote your core values and stay connected.

Get Informed!

We can no longer rely on a watchdog media to keep us informed of issues relating to freedom and morality.  So, get on the email distribution list of watchdog political action organizations who are keeping an eye on Washington.

Follow the links to the left of this page and get involved!

Minimize the Power of State Media and Hollywood Elite

Listen to talk radio, join a church, just don't take what is printed or in the media as the only truth.

Contact Congress on Important Legislation!

Washington must be reminded that any attempt to encroach upon our freedom, attack our faith and fiscal irresponsibility will not be tolerated!  Contact the White House, Senate and House by phone, fax, mail and email.  For contact information go to CongressMerge and

 Remember- 100 emails = 10 calls = 1 fax


Remember Our Motto:

"In God We Trust"

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