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Letter To Beaufort County Sales Tax Commission and County Council




I am a resident and voter of Beaufort County, South Carolina with following requests in reference to the upcoming county-wide 1% Capital Improvement Sales Tax Referendum proposal for the November 8, 2016 General Elections ballot.

Without such stipulations and reasonable justifications for selected projects on the referendum, I cannot support the ballot issue.

I oppose any use of taxes or bonds to fund for “wants” not “needs” projects, such as the proposed Hilton Head Arts Center.

I oppose any attempt to logroll recreational and "economic development" projects with public safety and transportation projects in sales tax and bond issue elections. For example, I oppose including White Hall Development or projects that would directly benefit private developers in the same ballot item as road and bridge repair.

I oppose the use of a county-wide sales tax and use tax revenue bonds for advance funding for local capital improvements. City, town and village capital improvements should be built on a pay-as-you-go basis.

I oppose any use of taxes or bonds to fund state or federal projects, such as improvements/repairs to the University of South Carolina, Beaufort or the Technical College of the Low Country where state and federal funds are available and such projects are the purview of state and federal authority. I would urge Beaufort County voters to go to the polls on November 8, 2016, to defeat the proposed sales tax.

I oppose any use of taxes or bonds for county projects currently fully funded by alternative federal, state and/or county revenues, such as the 278 Flyover.

I oppose any renewal of the 2016 Capital Improvement Sales Tax after its original expiration for renewal at any level of government should any of the above be included.


I would urge my fellow Beaufort County voters to go to the polls on November 8, 2016, and vote to defeat the proposed sales tax.




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